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Plateforme cloud-média, avec Raspberry Pi




Here is a quick overview what to do after you downloaded the latest EasyDK img for your rpi


Follow the directions on our git readme.md file.

An image will be available soon!

Source Code & Development


Connect EasyDK to wifi to finalize the configuration, choose one of the following 2 methods:

1 / Use you own USB mouse or buy our recommanded remote control (G10):
• Use a USB mouse and simply connect it to the USB port of the Raspberry Pi
(usb keyboard is not necessary you can use the virtual keyboard already installed).
2 / In bluetooth with a smartphone (Bêta):
• Start a search for easydigitalkey Bluetooth equipment, connect to the Easydigitalkey machine then enter the URL bar
• Connect your smartphone via IP: Once the wifi connection has been made you can use the IP address of the raspberry to connect to it with any device and manage the various functions.

Done !
EasyDK is connected to the internet.

Finalize the configuration by following step (3 / LOGIN) below.

But now, you need to create your free cloud account :


• Make sure that EasyDK is connected to the Internet (see wifi configuration in the settings).
• Once the machine is connected, enter the password obtained during the creation of your cloud (see previous step).
• Enter the code received in the required field and confirm.
• Now your EasyDK is operational and controllable via the cloud, the wifi connection is not necessary for offline operation (without the cloud).
• The default configuation uses ioconstellation cloud, so it requires to create your own free account on https://ioconstellation.com

Matériel :

Budget : 65€


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